BPAY Presale Access NFT: Your Gateway to the Future of Finance

5 min readAug 11, 2023
BPAY Presale Access NFTs

Blockpay is here to redefine how we utilize cryptocurrencies in our day-to-day transactions. Imagine being able to use your crypto assets to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world with ease, security, and low fees. With Blockpay, this vision becomes a reality, as it leverages the power of Avalanche, a fast, scalable, and eco-friendly blockchain network that promotes interoperability and fosters innovation in the digital financial landscape.

Are you thrilled to start this game-changing journey with us? Well, now you can be part of our early adopters and acquire the BPAY Presale Access NFTs.

In this cutting-edge presale event, we’re combining the best of multiple industries to redefine the landscape of blockchain-based ventures. The BPAY Token Presale is not just an ordinary fundraising initiative; it’s a vision that merges Fundraising, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and GameFi (Game Finance) to create an extraordinary opportunity for investors and enthusiasts alike. Pre-Sale date September 21st, 2023.

As NFTs revolutionize various industries, the BPAY Token Presale embraces this transformative technology to provide unique benefits to its holders. Token holders will have access to exclusive benefits, granting them special privileges and experiences within the project’s ecosystem. These NFTs aren’t just digital collectibles; they represent a gateway to unparalleled opportunities and rewards.

To become part of our exclusive early adopters and gain access to the BPAY Token Presale, you’ll need to mint the presale access NFT. Here’s how you can participate and what do you need to know about it:

What is a Presale Access NFT?

A Presale Access NFT is a non-fungible token that gives you the opportunity to participate in the BPAY Token pre-sale, which will have the best price of the 2 public rounds (Pre-sale 0.25 USD September 21st, 2023 / Public sale 0.3 USD, at 2024) and it’s a gamified token sale in collaboration with Wolfi Land. BPAY Token is the native token of Blockpay, a platform that allows you to use your crypto assets to pay for goods and services in the real world.

Presale Access NFTs in Collaboration with Wolfi Land

Benefits of the Presale Access NFT

By owning a Presale Access NFT, you can also enjoy other perks such as:

  • Discounts: 40% off for 6 months on your funding fee. You can save money on the fee that you pay when you load your Blockpay Card® with crypto. The fee is normally 3.5%, but with the Presale Access NFT, you can reduce it to 2.1% for half a year.
  • Airdrop: All addresses that staked a Presale Access NFT will become eligible for a BPAY Airdrop.
  • Merchandising: Access to exclusive merch in the Blockpay Store. You can get your hands on some cool Blockpay branded items such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, and more.
  • Voting: Access to vote for new Blockpay Card® designs. With this feature, holders will be able to vote on new card designs that will be released in the future.
  • VIP access to crypto events: This will apply for existing popular crypto events and for new events that will be exclusive for Blockpay community members and partners, where you can network with other crypto enthusiasts, developers and influencers.
Presale Access NFT Benefits

How to mint a Presale Access NFT?

You can mint and stake your Presale Access NFT on the Blockpay website starting from September 21st, 2023. The minting price is 2.5 AVAX per NFT. There are only 2000 NFTs available, and they have different rarity types that determine the maximum amount of BPAY Token that you can buy in the pre-sale. You can also sell your Presale Access NFT or buy another one on Joepegs and other marketplaces in case you want to aquire a higher level of purchase for the BPAY Pre-sale.

To ensure a fair and transparent distribution of the BPAY Token, We implemented a Fair Participation mechanism for the pre-sale. This means that:

  • Participants are allowed to mint and stake up to 5 NFTs per address. This prevents one person from hoarding all the NFTs and dominating the pre-sale.
  • The BPAY max bid limit for the pre-sale is fixed depending on the rarity type of the staked NFT. This creates a balanced supply and demand for the BPAY Token and avoids price manipulation.
  • There are no limits for the public sale (0.3 USD). Anyone can buy as much BPAY Token as they want in the public sale, which the date will be anaunced soon.

By following these rules, Blockpay ensures that everyone has a fair chance to get their share of the BPAY Token and join the Blockpay ecosystem.

BPAY Availability Percentage Table

A Presale Access NFT is more than just a collectible. It is a ticket to join the Blockpay ecosystem and benefit from its innovative features and services. If you are interested in getting one, don’t miss this chance and visit https://token.blockpay.mx/presale-access-nft/ for more details.

About Blockpay

Blockpay is a financial institution founded in Mexico in 2019. Its business model is based on three financial services: Payment aggregation, prepaid cards and crypto OTC. With more than 1,100 active POS terminals allowing businesses to accept card payments and more than 10,000 circulating Mastercard prepaid cards.

It is focused on building an app to allow users to easily fund their prepaid cards with AVAX, BTC.b and Stablecoins on the Avalanche Network and integrating a private Avalanche Subnet as a back-up for its transaction database and tokenization of real world assets.

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Financial institution offering payment aggregation, crypto prepaid cards and crypto OTC. https://blockpay.mx